Origami brewer

Brew tasty coffee with this work of art

485.00 NOK (approx. $53.35) (approx. €47.53)

2017 0406 19503800

Designed in Japan, Origami is a gorgeous method to make great coffee.

You can brew from 1-2 cups with this small-sized cone. and pour directly into a cup or into a larger vessel.

It is designed to be used with multiple types of filter paper, including:
- Kalita Wave filter
- Hario V60 filter

Comes in the following colors: Purple, turquoise, pale green, orange and yellow.

Colors are subject to availability.

NOTE: If you want a specific color, please let us know by sending us an email at hey@talormade.no after placing your order, otherwise we'll send a random color.

The wooden holder comes included in the box.