The story of Talormade starts with the story of Talor Browne

Talor has worked in the coffee industry for over 20 years. She started out slinging 'chinos at local coffee shops in her home town of Albury Wodonga before shipping off to Melbourne in the early 00's to be part of the burgeoning scene there. Under the watchful gaze of legends like Mark Dundon, Bridget Amor (Brother Baba, Seven Seeds), Fleur Studd and Bobby Green, Talor built her knowledge by working with the best in the business.

In 2011 a message late at night on Facebook took her to the other side of the world to lead the team at Coutume in Paris in opening their second location and a chance meeting at the Nordic Barista Cup had her moving again in 2012 to work for Tim Wendelboe where she quickly rose through the ranks to the coveted position of head roaster.

After so many years in the business, she couldn't help feel that specialty coffee wasn't as friendly and welcoming as it could be...

"Wouldn't it be nice to have super high-quality coffee but without all the attitude?" She thought.

This thought bloomed into an idea that launched her first company: Talor&Jørgen, a roastery that ended up totally changing the specialty coffee game and shipped to over 50 countries in it's first year.

The whole idea was simple: roast delicious coffees the way that people like them, be transparent and kind and most importantly: have fun!

That's where the doughnuts entered the picture. What could possibly be more fun than DOUGHNUTS? Before Talor moved to Norway she trained briefly as a pastry chef at Duchess of Spotswood. So in 2015 she reignited those pastry skills, went back to Australia to do a stage at All Day Doughnuts in Melbourne to learn all the secrets to making these delicious treats.

Armed with all this doughnut-knowledge, she went back to Norway and started doing monthly pop-up events under the name Fryd, all over Oslo (she even did some events in Finland and Sweden😱)

The pop-ups took on a life of their own. Oslo showed their hunger for doughnuts in the form of queues over a hundred meters long and pop-ups would sell out of doughnuts in less than an hour.

In the middle of all the doughnut-craziness the roastery was still running, and a year after it's initial launch a retail location in downtown Oslo opened. 10 employees grew to 20 and the city's lust for doughnuts and great coffee seemed insatiable.

Talor was now working 300 hours a month, training chefs, roasters and baristas, and she was starting to feel the strain. It all culminated in her business partners trying to push her out of her own company. After an ugly lawsuit and a court settlement, she found the best option to ensure the employees could keep their jobs was to take the money and move on.

Out of these ashes of tragedy, Talormade was born.

Talor was handed an opportunity to build the best business she could imagine. After 7 months of preparation and planning, she had the best equipment in the industry and a renewed determination to do it all over again, just bigger and so much better.

But building something this amazing takes more than just one person.
Talormade is a team. We're all working together to achieve something incredible.

Keep on reading to learn more about the team, our roastery, the kitchen and the shop below.

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Talor is very proud of our Loring (and with good reason, it's an amazing roaster!)
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2015 1219 15400400
Roaster dream team, Matt and Ida!
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2015 1210 213723002
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Monday morning cuppings tend to leave the whole squad properly caffeinated for the rest of the week.
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The Roastery

If you walk along the Akerselva river an early morning and suddenly feel the faint smell of roasted coffee beans pass you by, chances are the Talormade roastery is hard at work just around the corner.

The building we're in used to be an old textile factory back in the early 1900s. In fact, the whole area around the roastery is sometimes referred to as "the cradle of industrialism in Norway" and all the old buildings that used to be home to sawmills and textile factories now house modern businesses ranging from modelling agencies to IT companies.

We installed the Loring S15 Falcon in June 2019, and not even six months passed by before we had passed the 1000 batch milestone!
So we're running a very active roastery!

Thankfully, our roaster team has all the skills and attitude necessary to handle an operation like this.

Ida and Matt have, with the guidance of Talor, picked up the skills needed to roast coffee to perfection in record time! Neither of them had ever roasted coffee before, but now they're running a roastery: Roasting, packing and shipping out over 700kgs of coffee every week.

Matt, with his frankly incredible "can do"-attitude, generosity and ability to adapt to any situation and Ida with her brilliance at problem-solving and magical creation of super-effective systems, make up an absolute dream team. Brian, our amazing do-everything guy (in Norway we call people like Brian 'potatoes' cause they are so versatile!), has been a huge help when it comes to packing and organizing in the Roastery.

Whether it's roasting 1.3 TONS of coffee in ONE WEEK to get through the Christmas rush or roasting, packing AND shipping over 200 boxes of coffee in just a couple of hours, they always find a way to achieve their goals in the smoothest way possible.

We conduct intensive quality controls and cuppings every week to ensure that we're constantly providing consistent results and absolutely stellar coffee.

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Talortest 14
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The Kitchen

This is where the magic happens!

Our top of the line production kitchen is located in the same building as the roastery. Every day, the absolute legends that make up the Talormade kitchen get up super early to knock it out of the park and produce some of the best doughnuts you've ever tasted.

Top tier equipment enables these guys to churn out thousands of delicious rings every week. We've got automation where it counts (rolling machine, cutting machine, automated fryer), but the heart of the deliciousness starts with everything being handmade with love from scratch.

And there's no end to the creativity of these wonderful chefs! There's not a single day that goes by without at least one new idea getting added to the list of things to try out and experiment with.

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The Shops

After lots of hard work, planning, installing, testing, shopping, painting, fixing etc. etc. etc. (it takes time building a whole cafè you know!) Talormade's first retail location opened at Lillo Gård in early February 2020. It's a wonderful neon paradise full of good vibes and deliciousness. Our awesome baristas are ready to make the dreamiest, silkiest 'chinos you've ever had while you're desperately trying to narrow down what doughnuts you want from the amazing selection of flavors we offer.

We opened our second location in Bispevika Summer 2020.