Lillo Tote Bag

Carry your goods in style with our Talormade Tote Bags! The tote bag has three available designs, each representing one of our three current locations.

150.00 NOK (approx. $16.50) (approx. €14.70)

2017 0607 20433800

This is the Lillo Tote, inspired by the wavylicious neon glow of our very first location!

The tote bags are from Bokhari, a social enterprise that contributes to secure decent employment opportunities to hundreds of artisans in Pakistan, and are all made from GRS- certified 100% recycled cotton.

So it's stylish AND sustainable!The totes even have that handy little pocket on the inside for your keys and wallet, so if this is not your new favorite totebag, I don't know what!