350ml Brian Giniewski tapered mug

350ml - pre order

No cup will ever compare to the majesty of this bad boy. We serve our black coffee and hot chocolate in this cup at our cafe.

600.00 NOK (approx. $66.00) (approx. €58.80)

Sold out!

2016 0506 18572000


It feels wonderful in the hand and is holds the perfect amount of coffee to keep you satisfied. Each cup is also hand made by Brian Giniewski in Philadelphia, USA and each has its own individual personality. This cup is the bubblegum and ash combination.

Apparently also perfect to balance your stroopwafel on.

Please be aware that this is pre-order only and we will capture the payment and send the cup when the goods land in Oslo. Most likely mid June.

OBS! This pre-order needs to be placed as a separate order. Please do not order any other items at the same time as you place a pre-order.