Purple rain: 4 ways

One of the wackiest coffees we've ever had makes a return!

600.00 NOK per 250g (approx. $66.00) (approx. €58.80)

600.00 NOK per kilo

MV5 B Yj Q4 Z Tgw O Dct Y2 Iz YS00 NW Qz LWE5 OT Ut M Tk4 MW Ni Zm Mx Mj I3 Xk Ey Xk Fqc Gde QX Vy NTI4 Mjkw Nj A V1

Last year we were lucky enough to score a very bizarre, experimental lot from a small farm in Indonesia named Java Frinsa Estate.

It created an absolute sensation as it tasted like pure concord grape juice. Rare for coffees at all and certainly rare for Indonesian coffees, which are typically known for their earthiness and body. This is bright, juicy and a very memorable cup.

This year we've gotten our hands on four separate lots that have been processed and fermented in slightly different ways, resulting in a very interesting expression of the same coffee.

We're offering these coffees separately but here you can score all four in a 1kg bundle so you can taste through the differences at home.

This bundle includes anaerobic, lactic, honey and natural fermentation. 250g of each style for a total of 1kg.

If you've ever wanted to explore the impact that fermentation has on coffee flavour, this would be a brilliant opportunity for you!

Wildan Mustofa
Java Frinsa Estate
Lactic, anaerobic, honey, natural
Sigararutang, Andungsari, Timtim, Ateng Super, Borbor
Crop year
Roast level