Peach & Lemon

Its a fully washed blend of Wolisho and Dega from the Danche washing station in Chelbesa, Gedeo.

177.00 NOK per 250g (approx. $19.47) (approx. €17.35)

708.00 NOK per kilo

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There is nothing really like the floral, elegant magic of fresh crop Ethiopian coffee. In the northern hemisphere its the pure epitome of Summer.

This coffee is Samii Danche lot #2 and it is organic (although since we're not certified, its not possible to sell under that label - but still good to know!).

It is bright and tea like with lemon zest and the fleshy-ness of a ripe, pink peach. The sweetness here is balanced out by bergamot, tea-like bitters. There is also a really interesting umami element to the finish. Very interesting mouthfeel.

This one makes a great cold coffee.

You might notice that Ethiopian coffees are more expensive this year from roasteries around the world. This is in direct relation to the price of fertilizer, the war in Ukraine, global supply chain issues and the unrest regarding in the way that the ECX or Ethiopian coffee exchange does business. We will continue to see fluctuations in the pricing of coffees all around the world but Ethiopia in particular has seen massive increases this harvest.

Chelbesa, Gedeo
Washing station
Station manager
Firew Ayalew
Walisho, Dega
200-2300 masl
Roast level
Light to medium
Crop year
2021/ 2022
Price paid to producer
ETB 39.5 / KG cherry
9.19 USD PR kg