Cinnamon & Dark Choc

It's a naturally processed blend of Bourbon and Hibrido de San Fransisco. Produced by Jose Antonio Salaverria & sons in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

190.00 NOK per 250g (approx. $20.90) (approx. €18.62)

760.00 NOK per kilo

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If you're looking for a comforting and heartwarming cup of coffee, look no further! We associate El Salvador with sweet, rich and balanced coffees, and Loma Linda is a stellar example of that. Loma Linda is a great option for filter brewing and works well for stronger styles of preparations, like stovetop or espresso. You can expect warm spices in the flavour, like cinnamon, and a rich dark chocolate sweetness and finish. As the coffee cools down you can also detect some layers of dried stonefruit that comes from the natural processing. Simply delightful!

The farmers, Jose Antonio Salaverria, together with his sons, Andres and Jose Antonio jr., are continuing a 6 generations long family trade on their farms surrounding the Santa Ana volcano. In pursuit of improving quality, they have plotted their farms into tablones (blocks of land) to make it easier to separate the coffees based on a number of factors (altitude, variety, soil, processing etc.). Some tablones are dedicated to experimentation, from growing different or rare varieties to processing techniques. One of the results you can find in the coffee from Loma Linda is the plant variety developed on the farm, which they call Hibrido de San Fransisco.

Loma Linda is a tablon from their massive 294 hectare farm called Finca San Fransisco. It is a 38 hectare area located on the highest point of the farm, at 1700 meters above sea level.

We struggle to find a coffee that suits better for the change in season. Treat yo self to a sweet and cozy autumn brew!

El Salvador
Santa Ana
Jose Salaverria and sons
Finca El Salvador
Loma Linda
Farm size
294 ha (of which Loma Linda covers 38 ha)
1700 meters above sea level
Bourbon and Hibrido de San Fransico
Crop year
Roast level
USD 8,16/kg